1. “In the beginning, I didn't want to build a house at all I'd heard such horror stories! But Rami took charge of everything, and made sure there were absolutely no difficulties. In my view, he stands out among other builders.”

    Wendy Berman, Homeowner

  2. “Rami was extremely easy to work with and became a real friend. We know he would never stop us wrong. Right from the beginning, we simply meshed.”

    Marsha and Boris Karlin, Homeowners

  3. “In a nutshell, it all comes down to trust; it was all based on knowledge Rami was genuinely willing to look after us. As business owners ourselves, my wife and I had total respect in what he did for us.”

    Bob Zawiski and Nella Sacher, Homeowners

  4. “People still comment on how special our house is. There are many details that made it uniquely our own, and Rami took the time to meet with us and help us at every step.”

    Martha and Paul Goldman, Homeowners

  5. “The craftsmanship is top-notch, better than even we could appreciate. I'm not an expert, but there were cases where Rami wasn't satisfied, and had details done over until they met his personal standards.”

    Drs. Anatoly and Galina Langer, Homeowners

  6. “Rami's attention to detail was amazing; he was even more painstaking than we were ourselves. He worked with us directly and taught us the fine points of design and materials, and guided us through the whole process.”

    Jeff and Rhoda Simbrow, Homeowners

  7. “I had complete confidence and trust in Rami's recommendations. He is completely businesslike, knowledgeable and patient and knows the trades very well. I would gladly do more work with him.”

    Ad Marco, Homeowner

  8. “Rami makes the building experience enjoyable, engages the client and ensures that the end product is a home which is both cherished and admired.  He adds great value to any project by his experience, vision and creativity.”

    Drs. Bruce and Teresa Gray, Homeowners

  9. “Rami’s professionalism, keen design eye, and dedicated attention to detail are qualities we truly appreciate and resulted in a finished product of which we, together with Rami, are quite proud.”

    S. Stephen Gross, Homeowner

  10. “Rami is honourable, patient, stayed on budget, delivered on his deadlines, and never turned his back even years after the project was completed. If we had to do it all over again, there is no doubt we would use Rami. He is truly one of the best!”

    The Davidsons, Homeowners

  11. “Even though we had an architect, what impressed me was that throughout the building process, Rami was consistently solution-oriented, not problem-oriented. any difficulties that came up were dealt with on the spot.”

    Bernice Koenig, Homeowner