Waldman house in York - Brian Gluckstein

Waldman house in York - Brian Gluckstein

It is said that only a handful of people feel truly blessed and grateful for their achievements. Human nature is such that once someone achieves a goal, it ceases to inspire. After a while, they set their sights on the next goal. Having an hour long conversation with Jewelry designer Natalie Waldman and her sticker magnate husband Leonard Waldman reveals a couple feeling truly blessed with their achievements. The couple seems to take particular pride in their two-storey home set on a broad manicured street at York Mills and Yonge.

This special house was built by SKR homes in 2000. They moved in three years later and since then have had wonderful moments living in the house and raising their three children. The house has a grand layout that is centered on a sweeping staircase set on a two-storey entrance hall. Mr. Waldman sums it up by saying, ‘’it is indeed a staircase you can see your daughters walking down to get married in’’. This fairy tale journey begun when celebrity interior designer Brian Gluckstein was hired. His first mandate was to work on the kitchen, which was to be Natalie’s command center. On learning about her prowess in cooking, the designer put in an industrial style Thermidor kitchen range.

The dining room features a large family dining table facing a wall of windows that provide a great view of the backyard. The room is lit with a unique cool lighting feature sourced from New York that has real altar candles within bulbs to create a warm effect. The special lights appear magical as the sun sets. The corner of the dining room opens to the media room where Brian Gluckstein custom designed the sofas with his signature beiges and found some very heavy marble coffee tables to put in front of the flat screen.

All over the house there is evidence of Natalie’s artistic pursuits from the grand piano in the living room to the paintings adorning the walls. The room that gives her special joy is the downstairs studio showroom where she creates and sells large-scale jewelry pieces. It has some of the finest pieces like unique necklaces made from rare precious stones.  The living room is a mix of the old and new featuring grand screens in a hall setting set against beige walls with a finishing that resembles giant bricks. In the room sits a 19th century French marble topped commode made from kingwood, tulipwood, satinwood and rosewood. Natalie’s Chinese porcelain figurines prominently stand in front of gilded 19th century mirrors flanked by French sconces.

The living room also has a lot of pictures of their happy kids. This is a testament of the good job Leonard does at his company, keeping kids happy with fantastic stickers.  The perfect workmanship of SKR homes, Brian Gluckstein and his genius ideas and Natalie’s artistic flair combined to produce the Waldman’s dream home. Everyday single day lived in this house is a blessing they do not take for granted.