Custom build home Toronto

Custom build home Toronto

When a great team of a leading architect, innovative designer and a demanding home owner meet, the result is a fantastic display of the finest modern architecture. With many custom homes Toronto, new home owners are now looking for that extra edge to set their house apart. There is one outstanding house on Thornbank Road that is the creation of top designer Jeffrey Douglas and leading architect Stan Makow that has always attracted a lot of attention. The 4-bedroom, 6-bathroom house inspired by Frank Llyod Wright is an example of modern architecture translating into highly inviting, liveable spaces.

Working with SKR homes, the well known Custom build home Toronto, the team put in their best effort. The owners of the house are well travelled and happen to be fans of modern architecture and contemporary designs from all over the world.  They wanted a house with clean lines yet warm that did not feel like they were living in an art gallery. According to a co-listing agent Daniel Pustil, the staircase is one of the most appealing features of the house. ‘’It is one of the most elaborately conceived elements in the house, rising in a smooth coil from the lower level’’.

Two listing agents describe the family room as their favorite. Darren Slavens of Slavens and Associates real estate describes it as ‘’a cutaway border runs around the outer wall around the windows, about a foot or two below the ceiling. This visually brings the ceiling down to a more humane level without compromising its expansive feeling’’. He further describes the hearth which is classic wright has rough stone cladding that continues through the wall from inside to outside as exceptional. There is a water feature at the foyer that has a narrow stainless steel frame with glass and pebbles at the bottom to greet visitors on arrival.

Custom houses Toronto do not come any better than this with many luxury features that include a home theatre, a wine cellar, dog shower, exercise room, a music system and a secret room. Other special features include a fully treed lot with a salt-water pool and spa as well as a basketball court. Built in 2005, this house sitting on a landscaped 100x300 foot property house has hosted some of the most famous parties. It has also been featured in numerous commercials and continues to be a favorite location for movie shoots and the police drama series Flashpoint.

A visitor to the house is pleasantly surprised by view through the large windows across the back of the house. It looks like the team that does the best custom houses Toronto totally delivered on this project. Designer Jeffrey Douglas and architect Stan Makow ended up creating a masterpiece that defines contemporary designs in Toronto.